Nick was one of the best handymen that I have ever hired. It was hard to find an electrician willing to take on smaller jobs (changing light fixture due to leak). Nick was a godsend.

|December 4, 2020
Maya K.

Nick did a few things at my place including waterline installation, electric outlets rewiring, installed a ductless range hood ,and more.
Great work ethnics overall! Communication was crystal clear from the beginning. Job was completed to the exact specifications, with no shortcuts and no hidden charges. I am most appreciative of the fact that Nick and his team take safety very seriously, both from a COVID perspective and on the work itself.

Like others have said before, it is difficult to find a contractor that carries insurance, proper licensing, and willing to take on smaller jobs.
Highly recommend.

|November 22, 2020
Billy L.

Really really professional and knowledgeable; fixed my clogged sink with his wisdom and insight; very very organized and great problem-solving skills; highly recommend for every single problem in your home appliances; I wish I could give 6 stars!!! And Nick had a great personality and work attitude! I respect his professionalism and help! Don’t hesitate to contact him!

|November 20, 2020
Mengting G.

Very pleased with Stitch. They were responsive, arrived on time and completed the job efficiently.

|October 26, 2020
Mainak M.

My building insurance requirements had frustrated other small contractors from doing a bathroom renovation. Nick was the only person who persevered in getting a plumber and the appropriate insurance together to get the job done.

|September 21, 2020
Amish S.

Nick installed a ductless range hood in my kitchen. He is very professional and precise with all of his measurements/installation process. He even showed me how to replace the filters and takeout the lightbulbs, when they need to be changed. I will be working with Nick again.

|July 10, 2020
B D.

Look no further and find Nick for your next home project!

I’ve been searching for a contractor to help me install a bathroom shower screen, ceiling mounted double curtain rods and deconstruct a custom made kitchen island for a long time. Initially I wondered whether all the good reviews on Yelp was true. But my experience working with Nick proved that even “perfect” doesn’t do justice for his work.

|June 14, 2020
Kate G.

Couldnt be happier with the work that Nick and his team did. Installed these Bromic heaters perfectly!

|February 13, 2020
Gabriel C.

If you’re looking for a competent, punctual, trustworthy, reasonably priced plumber and all-round nice guy, Nick at Stitch Coterie is the man to call.

I needed my new gas range installed, and I’d asked for an estimate from a large company masquerading under a personal name. They sent a barely competent “supervisor” round to look at the job, then gave me a ridiculously high price and lied to me about City requirements.

When I called Nick, he was available to do the job almost immediately, but first we had to negotiate the building management’s demands for a certificate of insurance; that done, Nick came by a few days later and installed my range in less than an hour, with no fuss or bother, for 20% of the big company’s estimate. He even supplied the flexible connector for free. I’m so glad I found him and didn’t go with the first plumber I called. I know he does other kinds of work besides plumbing, so I’m planning to hire him again in a few weeks to fix a couple of closet doors, lay some floor tiles, and put up wallpaper.

|October 23, 2019
Gill K.

We experienced a water leak in our basement ceiling. Water all over the floor, damaged ceilings, and damaged appliances.

Nick was incredibly professional in helping us through this process. Not only did he not try to pressure us or use scare tactics into using his services, he was incredibly patient with asking the right questions to best diagnose the issue.

Given that the plumbing in question was behind walls, he was transparent that he wouldn’t be able to fully diagnose the issue until those were opened.
Nick ended up diagnosing and remediating the root issue and repairing our ceilings in a timely, professional manner. Highly recommended.

|August 7, 2019
Scott K.

Nick has such a positive and optimistic attitude and it made me, a frustrated and sensitive client, relieved. I was totally stressed out for my faucet and some other issues of my apartment that had a deadline to be fixed. Nick had to visit my apartment due to unforeseen issues, yet he never complained. Instead, he voluntarily offered an extra visit/work to make my work on time. He did finish the job done not only on time but also at a premium level of quality. Moreover, he offered a very reasonable price that I can realistically afford. Again, I do appreciate this positive attitude and communication skills.

|July 7, 2019
J P.

You know what’s super-fun? Having your kitchen sink clog up totally on a Friday afternoon in lower Manhattan! Good luck getting anyone to come out and fix it. But Nick called me back right away, was totally polite, gave me a timeframe about when he’d come by, kept me updated via text as I asked, and then actually showed up right when he said he would. He and Junior were lovely and did a great job. Pricing was toward the upper end of what I’ve been quoted for similar jobs, but I’ll always happily pay a bit more for reliability and utter non-shadiness.

|April 10, 2019
Marjorie I.

Nick was amazing. Unfortunately we had to reschedule the original appointment because he had to take care of an emergency job, but he was super apologetic and polite and came the very next day.

Nick was quick, polite, and professional. I had been struggling with a clogged drain for over a month now and tried every product and home remedy to no avail, but he managed to take care of it just like that. He also fixed my ceiling light that hadn’t been working for a while now. He’s an absolute magician!

On top of that, he also pointed out some issues with my heating system that I hadn’t noticed before and gave me a quick run down of how it’s supposed to be working.

I would have no reservations recommending Nick to anyone else who needs something taken care of quickly and professionally.

|March 31, 2019
Kyung P.

Great experience! Nick was very responsive and was able to come the next day to install a new kitchen faucet. He is very friendly and checked everything to make sure it functioned appropriately and was very patient to make adjustments as needed. I would hire them again in a hot minute!

|March 7, 2019
Kelly Z.

Overall a great experience. Stitch coterie missed our first appointment due to another job running late. I expected this from the reviews I read and opted to still use because I cared more about good work and luckily have a flexible schedule. When he arrived he quickly assessed that a special tool would be needed to drill through concrete to hang my chandelier. We rescheduled again and he promptly showed up and had the resources to get another tool when the one he brought didn’t work. He was very professional and knew what he was doing, took his time and made sure the job was to our satisfaction. Our chandelier looks great and I would definitely use him again.

|February 13, 2019
Sarah B.

I had a serious problem with water leakage in my kitchen. I dreaded having to deal with plumbers because of the risk of being taken advantage of because I was desperate to get back use of my kitchen sink. The first plumber I called the night before arrived 3 hours late and did a lousy acting job of how difficult the leak was going to be to fix and gave me an outrageous price. I told him that I needed to get another estimate. Yelp led me to Stitch Coterie and Nick responded immediately. His schedule was full but he did fit me in. He did a thorough job of identifying the two causes of the serious water problem. He gave me a very fair price for repair. Even though he had to make a couple of trips to different stores to find the right parts, he did not charge me above the price he paid for the new faucet and did not charge me at all for the parts to replace a section of the pipes. He was honest and kind. I would never consider calling anybody but Nick for any plumbing problem because he is a great combination of being an exceptionally skilled and talented contractor who is trustworthy. A true hero in my eyes!

|February 4, 2019
Mark A.

I requested Nick to tighten my faucet and faucet handle as it was very loose. I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have a big wrench. I chatted with Nick and he gave me a good quote so I asked him to come by. He scheduled right away, came by to do the work quickly and kept his word on the rate despite it was not the easiest job. I am very happy for his service – very reliable guy Nick is. I will definitely request his service again.

|January 28, 2019
Ted K.

Nick is terrific! He responded immediately on Yelp to my request with a price estimate, and then came same day to make a repair. He is very friendly and resolved the issue perfectly and quickly! Would recommend!

|January 20, 2019
James Y.

Nick not only answered the phone immediately, he flew to the rescue within 20 minutes! And this was an emergency situation at the end of the day. Amazing.

But wait, there’s more!

He fixed our boiler issue within minutes and even showed me some tips for future potential mishaps.

But wait, there’s more!

He is the friendliest guy with the widest smile.

Safe to say his number has now been recorded in my phone and I will happily recommend him to anyone in need of plumbing repair.

Thanks, Nick!

|January 16, 2019
Verena L.

Nick is an excellent professional. While he may not always show up exactly on time, it’s fine. Be aware these guys are going from job to job and often delays happen so can’t expect him to show up exactly at time promised. Realistically expect a few hour window for his arrival. Nick did a quick fix to the shower regulator to restore hot water when other plumbers were quick to sell me a new friggin water heater for several thousand dollars. Another plumber told me my radiator heat in a room could not be restored unless I installed a brand new piping to the room which would have cost thousands. Nick came and assessed the radiator and fixed it! Bottom line, I find other pros quick to recommend complete overhaul of systems. Nick on the other hand is actually very experienced and has shown the ability to identify problems and fix things others cannot, saving me thousands. Finally he is very quick to respond via yelp or messaging. He often replies within the hour

|January 12, 2019
Jiho S.

Nick has been very helpful for a variety of projects, including plumbing, electrical, and handy-work. It’s been great working with someone who has such a wide range of skills, instead of hiring a new person for each task. He’s also very nice and didn’t over charge.

|December 20, 2018
Melissa E.

It was great working with Nick. He’s super nice and knows what he’s doing! He installed a hanging light for me over my dining room table, and he did it professionally and very quickly. He was also able to accommodate my work schedule and come at the end of the day. I would definitely recommend his services.

|December 13, 2018
Matt S.

Nick is the ultimate professional. Timely, very fair pricing, trustworthy, and does the highest level, professional quality work. Doesn’t cut corners, does the job very detailed and very careful, and completes thoroughly no matter how long the job takes. Gets it done, and you end with an amazing finished product!

|December 8, 2018
Michael B.

I had a bit of a time sensitive electrical issue I needed some help with, and after a quick Yelp Request-a-Quote query, I was paired up with Nicholas from Stitch Coterie. As others have echoed previously, it was a great experience and one I’d lean on again in the future.

He replied with lightning fast speed and was at my apartment within a couple of hours. It was a pretty simple job, but one that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing myself. He was in-and-out in just about 15 minutes, and the price was respectable for the work done.

If you need a hand with some home improvement that you’d prefer leaving to a professional instead of watching a Youtube video and hoping you don’t burn your place down, I’d recommend Stitch Coterie to anyone.

|December 3, 2018
Ruggy J.

Nick is great! He came in on time, fixed my leaking faucet and cleaned it up. Price is also reasonable. Will recommend to friends!

|November 26, 2018
Wei J.

I needed my new dishwasher installed (and my old one removed). I was originally supposed to have Best Buy’s third-party installation team (XPO Logistics Last Mile) do it but they were rude, unprofessional, and basically said they couldn’t do it.

I reached out to Nicholas on Yelp and got a response almost immediately. He gave me a quote and was able to schedule me in the following week. He arrived on time and got straight to it. He removed the old one and put the next one in seamlessly; he also tested the new one to make sure everything worked and checked to make sure there was no leaking. It took about 2 hours because he had to work around a broke hot water valve (which he also said he could fix for us when we’re ready). Cost $300, which is on par to what I was getting quoted by others.

Would definitely recommend!

|November 10, 2018
Trisa T.

I have an apartment in Manhattan and when I needed them, they were on time, knew what they were doing. Got the job done for the price they quoted. Nothing was beyond what was needed. Highly recommend, plus they have a license for Manhattan buildings if needed.

|November 9, 2018
D H.

He arrived promptly, was professional, kind and completed an exceptional job with ease. I highly recommend him and will be using him for my basement work.

|November 3, 2018
Donna A.

I hired these guys when I had a bathroom leak. The guy showed up promptly took time and fixed my leak and helped we change out the shower head. He cleaned up after and left my bathroom clean and functioning.

|October 29, 2018
Alan P.

Company does good work.
Arrived on time
Worked with me on the price,
Waited while I got some on the parts.
Checked back later to make sure everything was still working as expected.
Will call them for more jobs.

|October 26, 2018
Howard J.

I hired him to replace 2 faucets in my apartment, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. He showed up on time, was very professional and polite, provided impeccable service and installation. In addition, he was very price competitive versus the alternative providers I had contacted. I highly recommend him!

|October 6, 2018
Audun H.

I had lights along my wall that had been broken for a long time. It started off with just one light being broken and I had a handyman come in a year ago to fix it but because my wall didn’t have an access panel, he hacked the wires together to make it work. Fast forward a year later, now three of my four lights were broken. I went on yelp to find someone to help me install an access panel so that I could actually access the wires behind to fix the lights. I reached out to a few vendors and Stitch Coterie was the most professional and responsive of them all. I got an appointment set up within the same week.

Admittedly, I was a little wary since there weren’t any reviews on yelp but I did my research and found them listed on HomeAdvisor where they had a ton of great reviews so I decided to go ahead with the booking.

Nicholas showed up on time and came prepared. He not only installed the access panel, but also helped me get a new transformer. When that didn’t do the trick, he diagnosed the faulty wiring that had happened through the first builder and previous handyman, then rewired everything and made sure that my goal of working lights & beautiful wall was met (vs. some vendors who would have just installed the access panel and called it a day). On top of it all, he repainted and fixed everything up to make it looks as good as new. He even made sure to clean/sweep the floor afterwards. He really takes pride in his work and I was impressed by not just how great everything turned out but also the warm/dependable service and quick turnaround of results.

I highly recommend this service and would go to Stitch Coterie and Nicholas again for any of my future repair needs. Thank you again for your great work, Nicholas! We are super happy with the results!

|September 29, 2018
Sue L.